Our Goals

Quality and Consistency 
Green Gable Alpacas is committed to creating genetically superior alpacas whose economically important fleece characteristics improve with each successive generation. We will accomplish this using a variety of selective breeding techniques and by harnessing Prince Edward Island's favorable environmental conditions.   

We are breeding for quality and consistency.... it's just that simple.

Broadening Local Involvment in the Alpaca Industry 
Green Gable Alpacas is commited to creating awareness and interest in alpaca breeding/farming, fiber processing and value added alpaca products within a new and broader audience.  PEI offers a unique blend of political, social and economic atributes that support farmers, artisans and tour operators in their quest to create lasting memories for the more than 2.0 million tourists who visit the Island annually.  Green Gable Alpacas is open to the public throughout the year and offers tours to school and 4-H groups, summer camps, bus tours and island visitors. Whether travelling by motor-home, motorcycle, bicycle or on foot...

Visitors are always welcome at Green Gable Alpacas.

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