Ribbons and Awards 2010

AC/CNASF National Fleece Show

Grand Champion Fawn, Americano's Keswick
1st, 24-48 month Fawn, Americano's Keswick

New Brunswick Alpaca Show - Composite

1st in class, Caillen
1st in class, Arriba Navarone
1st in class, Arriba Griffen
3rd in class, SVA William's Star Gazer

NAVAN Fair - Composite Show

1st in class, Caillen
4th in class, Arriba Navarone
4th in class, Arriba Griffen

Mayflower Alpaca Halter Show

Reserve Color Fawn, Americano's Keswick
1st in class, Americano's Keswick

Alpaca Ontario Halter Show

2nd in class, Caillen
2nd in class, Arriba Navarone
2nd in class, Arriba Griffen

Alpaca Ontario Mary Ann English Spin-Off

Highest Scoring Color, Arriba Rio
1st in class, Arriba Rio
2nd in class, Arriba Tulia
3rd in class, TNC Mother of Pearl Bailey
4th in class, Arriba Starr

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