Our Herd's Heritage

Our herd now consists of approximately 50 alpacas whose genetics include:

2012 Crias

Green Gable Magdelene, (Border Trail Ginger Spice x Americano's Keswick) female, June 5
Green Gable Chariots of Fire, (TNC She's Got Sass Jordan x Alexavier) female, June 28
Green Gable Sacagewea, (AON Bonavista x Americano's Keswick) female, July 7
Green Gable Hawthorne, (Alloi Acres Cherry x Americano's Weston) male, August 13
Green Gable Keswick's Kaluha, (Arriba Starr x Americano's Keswick) male, October 3

2011 Crias

Green Gable Gianni Depp, (Border Trail Gypsy x ARM Dakota) male, May 8 - SOLD
Green Gable Silken Satin, (AON Bonavista x ARM Dakota) female, June 16
Arriba Naqeeto, (Qolmesa Nayelle x Arriba Aqeeto), male July 10
Arriba Not-so-Shilo, (TNC Mother of Pearl Bailey x Arriba Ancho), female, July 25

2010 Crias

Arriba Sooper Trooper (Arriba Starr x Arriba Cortez) male, April 28
Green Gable's Emma (Chelsea's Cherib x SBA Alandro) female, June 2
Green Gable's Spart-a-kiss (TnC Isabella x SBA Alandro) male, June 3 - SOLD
Green Gable's Raindrop (United Colors Raindancer x Milo) female, June 3
Green Gable Bonavista's Mya (AON Bonavista x ARM Dakota) female, June 7 - SOLD
Arriba Rose Marie (Qolmesa Nayelle x Arriba Cortez) female, July 2 - SOLD
Chica Cherry's Cola (Alloi Acres Cherry x Sumaq Valley's Masked Bandit) male, August 2
Green Gable Autumn's Situation (ACAF Autumn Leaves x undetermined) male, September 9 - SOLD

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