Halter Training at GGA

Posted on 13 December 2010 | 0 Comments

Halter training of the 2010 crop of crias has begun at Green Gable Alpacas

This being our first year with crias, we were approaching halter training with anxiety and trepidation.  Would we be sucessful?  How difficult and how long would it take to earn the trust of our beautiful animals to take to a halter and being led?  Well, we need not have worried.  As promised by experienced alpaca breeders, halter training is remarkably easy on both handler and handlee.  Of course, coaxing with a little grain softens the process .....

Actually, working with our crias is incredibly rewarding and the mutual trust that is built will serve us both well as our animals mature.  Now...back to the barn for more.....yah!

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