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Alpaca farming can be an amazing and rewarding endeavour; it can also be intimidating and overwhelming for the new owner. We'd like to help you get the most out of your experience. Join us for this on-line workshop on the basics of alpaca farming.

This workshop is perfect for the new alpaca owner or those interested in learning what ownership entails. Our two-hour, interactive session will cover the basics of alpaca care and husbandry. We will discuss things to consider in your farm set up, review the regular care required, as well as outline some common health issues you'll need to be aware of. Finally, we offer a brief introduction to fibre quality assessment tools and how you might use this information to select your animals.

The workshop is offered on the first Wednesday of the month between November and May. It is conducted virtually, via Zoom meeting. When you sign up, you will receive email confirmation and log in details for the event.

Your Host

Janet is a trained RVT and has been breeding quality alpacas for more than 10 years.