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Keswick's impact on our herd cannot be overstated and at 13 years of age, he is still producing grade 1 fibre. This is a stunning achievement for any adult alpaca, but to still be producing a commercially viable fleece well into his senior years is a testament to his genetic makeup.  

Keswick is an easy and efficient breeder and has sired 21 crias in an array of colours including white, fawn, rose grey and medium brown. His crias exhibit his distinctive fleece style; a fleece that bundles nicely with a bold, high frequency crimp. Similarly, many of his offspring are maintaining a fine fleece into adulthood and are showing consistency across their fleeces too.

Our favourite pairing is Kez and Sweet Streak.  We like the outcome of this mating so much that we've repeated it four times and each has resulted in superior offspring.  Ex-Zek-utive Sweet is the first male out of this pairing and is Keswick's best offspring. Zek has now been added to herd sire row and started his breeding career in 2019.

Keswick's Offspring

GGA Keswick's Magdelene, ITA Brigette, GGA Keswick's Sacagewea, BP McLeod, GGA Keswick's Kaluha
GGA Keswisk's Abegweit, GGA Keswick's Sahara, GGA Keswick's Klondike, GGA Keswick's Kassidy
GGA Jordan Sparx
GGA Keswick's Konquest, GGA Keswick's Executive Sweet
GGA Keswick's Keating, GGA Lil-Ee of the (Tyne) Valley, GGA Keswick's Algonquin, GGA Keswick's Tobermory
GGA Keswick's Roller, GGA Keswick's Paralyzer, GGA Keswick's Brewster
GGA Keswick's Aristocrat
GGA Keswick's George, GGA Keswick's Minnie Pearl


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