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An Islander by Choice

I'm Janet, the heart and soul behind Green Gable Alpacas, and this is my story.

An Islander by Choice

I'm Janet, the heart and soul behind Green Gable Alpacas, and this is my story.

Our Story

Green Gable Alpacas is owned and operated by the mother and daughter team of Janet Ogilvie and Rachel Augustine. Janet is a Veterinary Technician by training and holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Toronto.

Rachel is happily raising her young family in Edmonton, Alberta and is no longer involved in the daily operations of the farm. However, she continues to provide guidance, emotional support, and a platform for brainstorming new ideas.

Our business was established in October 2009 when following a family tragedy, we decided to leave corporate and city life behind and move from Hamilton, Ontario to the tiny, rural community of Birch Hill, Prince Edward Island, with the intended purpose of becoming alpaca farmers. 

We didn't know a soul on the Island and had never before experienced country living. 

We relocated to a beautiful, century-old farm house in January 2010 and began renovations and retro fits to our 11 acre property in preparation of our alpacas' arrival. 

Box stalls and cattle stanchions were removed from the old dairy barn, post holes dug and the beginnings of nearly 2000 linear feet of fencing began.  Work also began on renovating what used to be the milk house into a rustic retail shop, which we named, the Fibre House Boutique.

Through it all, we spent all of our spare moments learning as much as we could about our new community, how to be farmsteaders, and the intricacies of raising quality alpacas. By early June of 2010, our first shipment of 30 alpacas had settled in and we'd been blessed with the surprise birth of several babies.

As the lupins reached their full bloom and the warm weather returned, we found ourselves in the heart of the Island's tourist season. Both locals and tourists began to drop in out of curiosity. Excited to meet new friends and share our experiences, we wasted no time in extending an invitation and offering a tour.

Fast forward to 2024, and our herd has grown to about 40 alpacas. We host approximately 3000 visitors annually and built a new dedicated retail shop and fibre arts studio in 2020. We now employ four to six employees seasonally.

As I celebrate my 15th year as an Islander by Choice, it gives me pause to reflect on how much my life has changed and how I have been enriched by the people I have met and the experiences we have shared.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

A portion of farm proceeds are donated to the JDRF in loving memory of our daughter, sister, and very best friend, Amanda Marie Augustine.

a beautiful young girl smiling

Amanda Marie Augustine

15 October 1988 - 27 October 2007

Time is limited.
Many things, always too short.
What a precious thing.

-Amanda 💜 💜